M J Dees


I’m on track with my daily word count and though I could dedicate my evening to more rewriting of that tricky first novel in order to meet my self imposed deadline of publishing it by the end of July, instead I think I’ll take time off to see a spectacle I anticipate almost as much as Christmas – the Eurovision Song Contest.

Brits love to deride the contest. Partly because the rest of Europe usually refuses to vote for us but also because we consider ourselves to be better at music than everyone else.

Well, we do have The Beatles, The Who, The Stones, Belle and Sebastian, Adele and Ken Dodd. Who has Europe got? Aha, ABBA, Falcao, the Goom Bay Dance Band? Quite a clear cut case I agree. But that does not diminish in the slightest the entertaining spectacle which the Eurovision provides.

Last year200 million people in…

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