M J Dees

I’ve been so convinced by the conversations on the Self Publishing Formula podcasts that I decided to create some experiments of my own.

In he first experiment, I boosted one of my Facebook posts by paying R$3 (US$1) So that and extra 107 people saw the post on top of the 25 people who would have seen it ‘organically’.

Thid encouraged me to experiment more by creating a Facebook As offering one of my short stories for anyone who signed up to my email list. I paid R$35 (US $12) for this ad which was viewed by 1,489 people. I had specifically requested  people in the UK who had ‘liked’ The Girl on the Train, The Night Circus, To Kill a Mocking Bird and Me Before You. Of the people who saw my ad, two people clicked to request the short story, driving up the number of people on my…

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