M J Dees

It’s almost impossible to get down to writing this morning with the news that the UK has voted to leave the EU.

David Cameron, having got the country into this mess has decided to jump the sinking ship, Scotland is looking to a second referendum on devolution and Northern Ireland may follow suite. Even the Thatcherite MPs in the Labour party are using it as an excuse to get rid of their leader, one of the few honest polititians in parliament, Jeremy Corbyn.

The Independent has reported that searches for ‘what happens if we leave the EU?’ have increased by 250% showing that the voters hadn’t really done their research before the poll.

Interestingly, some of the areas that benefitted most from the EU, such as Wales, Hull and Sunderland voted to leave. Seimens who have invested considerably on the Humber have announced that future investment is now in danger…

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