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Datafolha's satisfaction survey

Datafolha’s satisfaction survey. http://f.i.uol.com.br/datafolha/images/14196360.png

83% of the foreigners that datafolha interviewed felt the organisation of the World Cup was excellent or good. 92% felt the comfort and security of the stadia was excellent or good, 76% felt the same about the transport to the stadia, 42% about the refreshmengts inside the stadia, 39% regarding the communication inside the stadia, 32% regarding the cost of accomodation, 76% regarding the quality of the air travel, 84% the quality of the tourist attractions, 82% the security of tourists and 95% the hospitality of Brazilians.

Generally, Brazilians feel pretty proud with the way they hosted the World Cup. Everything ran pretty smoothly despite all the predictions of bad organisation before the tournament. They only feel a great sense of embarrassment with the way their national team exited the competition but at least they didn’t lose to Argentina, and Argentina didn’t win the competition. Both of those things would have been worse.

This video illustrates Germany’s path to the final:

And this video illustrates how Germany dealt with Argentina:



How Argentina felt after the final.

Public opinion regarding the World Cup improved during the competition but I’m waiting to see the latest figures to see to what extent opinions changed following Brazil’s 7-1 defeat to Germany.


Popularity of Dilma

The manner in which the national team were dispatched by Germany may also have affected the popularity of President Dilma in the run up to the presidential elections in October who was, during the tournament, enjoying an 18 point lead over her nearest rival.

Here’s a summary of the World Cup by Just Cartoons:

Some Argentinians asking to #cryforme

and an impression of a famous Brazilian comedian singing the revised words to the Itau advert: