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It’s true, Brazilian dream hero Neymar is going to be on the bench for Brazil’s 3rd/4th play off game against Holland today. However, the Barcelona player will not dirty his pristine boots this time as he will only be there to lend moral support to the team which lost 1-7 to Germany in his honour earlier in the week.

angry fan

“If Brazil don’t win I’ll eat my shirt”

Brazilians are not really bothered about this game, just like the Dutch coach who, like many of us, sees no point in a 3rd/4th play off game. There is only one trophy after all, leave the 3rd place game for the Olympics.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s relentless mission to poke fun at itself via social media continues:


Fred complaining: “They critisise me without me doing anything.”


Saturday has a World Cup Game. Orange v Bagasse (the dry pulpy residue left from eating an orange. rubbish basically)


Argentinians trying to pick up the Brazilians by pointing out that Argentina has won two World Cups while Brazil has won five.