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It hasn’t always been plain sailing for Selecao Brazil since they played their first game, a 2-0 victory over Exeter City in 1914. Their previous worst defeat was 0-6 against Uruguay in the Copa America in 1920. However, since then they have been arguably the most successful national team in history with five World Cup titles, eight Copa America titles and four Confederations Cup titles.

Even before Brazil won its first World Cup in 1958 the were high expectations for the team, hence the humiliation when they lost the 1950 final to Uruguay 1-2 having beaten Spain and Sweden 6-1 and 7-1. So to now face their biggest defeat in history in front of the whole world in a world cup semi final in Brazil!

The expectations and ambitions of the nation had been whipped into a frenzy by almost blanket media coverage accompanied by an army of patriotic ads such as this one by the biggest bank in South America, Itau:

By the end of the game against Germany this ad had been mercilessly parodied as demonstrated here:

The revised lyrics are: Show your strength Brazil, tie Dilma to the bonfire for not buying the whole of the World Cup (ie not paying enough bribes for Brazil to win)

As early as half time, social media was buzzing with Brazilians sharing jokes which poked fun at their own team such as this video:

Facebook status’s were reflecting Brazilian’s incredularity at the score line such as this one:

Fui fazer xixi foi gol
Puxei descarga gol
Lavei a mão gol
Sai do banheiro gol
Sentei no sofa gol..
Imagina se fosse cagar

I did a wee there was a goal
Flushed, goal
Washed my hands, goal
Left the bathroom, goal
Sat on sofa, goal
Imagine if I’d done a poo.

Here’s a selection of the jokes that were circulating during and shortly after the game:

Meanwhile Mick Jagger denied being the reason for the Brazilian teams defeat hving watched the game in the stands. “I can take responsibility for the first German goal, but not the other six!” he told The Sun.. His reputation as the tournament’s unlucky charm began in South Africa at the 2010 World Cup, when he supported England, the US and Brazil in separate games – all of which lost their respective matches.

And finally: