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the simpsons

An episode of The Simpsons predicted Neymar’s injury

In an episode of The Simpsons in which Homer becomes a referee and is constantly encouraged to accept bribes there is a Brazilian player called El Divo who goes down in the penalty area during the final. Homer does not award a penalty even though El Divo is carried of the field in on a stretcher and later buried. Eventually after not being awarded a penalty El Divo comes back to life and admits it was a dive.

Having successfully predicted Neymar ‘El Divo”s injury will The Simpsons get their other prediction right? That Germany beat Brazil 2-0.

The full episode is currently available here:

Meanwhile in Brazil, the Neymar and Fred comedy continues. In this photo, President Dilma laments that Neymar’s injury is going to adversely affect her re-election while Ronaldo complains that now they’ve spent all that money on the World Cup there is no hospital to take Neymar to:

dilma, neymar and ronaldo

“At the last minute this prick gets injured. How am I going to be re-elected now?”
“Galvao (brazilian commentator) we’re fucked. We only built stadia and now we don’t have a hospital for this boy.”

In this one a Brazilian soap star says that if Brazil loses there will be no world cup cause they’re going to take the ball home:

If Brazil loses we're taking the ball home. The game is ours, the ball is ours, the stadium is ours, the country is ours and it's over.

If Brazil loses we’re taking the ball home. The game is ours, the ball is ours, the stadium is ours, the country is ours and it’s over.

This one says that Fred is the clever one for not spending any money and watching the game from the middle of the pitch:


In this one President Dilma is calling Colombia and complaining that it was Fred they were meant to injure, not Neymar.


“Hello? Is that Colombia?”
“It was Fred for fucks sake!”

There are also more sentimental messages, for example this one which says that the next game will not be played with Neymar, it will be played for Neymar:


The next game won’t be with you. It will be for you.

Even Fuleco the mascot has been trying to help:

neymar and fuleco

Fuleco the armadillo offers Neymar his armour plating

Just like ITV, Brazilian commentators have been under a bit of flack, especially from Belgian supporters:

galvaoAnd, despite all this football, even Le Tour has made an impact in Brazil (not really)

christ  and a bikeBrazilian beer company Skol felt sorry for the Russians in the heat of Cuiaba and decided to make packs of skol in ice to give them so that they could make this nice ad:

And finally, the Brazilian team itself has voted the worst player of the tournament to be Hulk: