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It’s all about Neymar

It’s what everyone in Brazil is talking about. Intervals in the remaining quarter final games would be filled with live footage of Neymar in a helicopter, Neymar’s helicopter taking off, Neymar in an ambulance, Neymar’s ambulance driving along the road, Neymar’s doctor, a personal message from Neymar and so it goes on.

This series of photos has been doing the rounds as evidence that Zúñiga was not going for the ball. Zúñiga penned a hasty apology in an attempt to avoid a long Suarez style ban.

Zúñiga and Neymar

Zúñiga breaking Neymar’s vertebrae



Even nuns celebrated Brazil’s victory

closed shops

Businesses closed early ahead of Brazil’s game

Meanwhile, there were other games going on. Argentinian fans celebrated their victory over Belgium in Vila Madalena.

Brazilians have realised that they only beat teams whose name begins with C: Croatia, Cameroon, Chile and Colombia while they drew against Mexico. Therefore they have renamed Germany, usually Alemanha to Calemanha as they struggle to identify ways to win their semi final without Neymar and Thiago Silva who has lodged an appeal against his yellow card in the match against Colombia.

c post

Brazil beat the Croatians beginning with C, beat the Cameroonians beginning with C, beat Chile beginning with C, beat Colombia beginning with C and will play Cermany, who will win?

david luiz

A David Luiz minion



Even Shrek is supporting Brazil apparently