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soldier field

28,000 watching at Soldier field. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BrfUFVuCIAMmnjS.png

Finally waking up to the realisation that the World Series was only a 50% accurate description, the US has finally started getting excited about the World Cup thanks to the fact that they have reached the second round twice in a row. Apparently no-one was bothered that they reached the quarter finals in 2002.

Sadly, only days after Klinsmann informed the WAGs that they should reschedule their flights until after the final, the USA has been dumped out of the tournament in a close tie with a team that overcame a love triangle to reach the quarter finals. Belgium.

So, as we reach the end of the most exciting first two rounds in living memory (already more goals than the entire 2010 tournament), we face the usual prospect of the same old teams in the semis (probably Brazil, Germany, Holland and Argentina). If Germany manages to defeat France on Friday it’ll be their fourth semi-final in a  row. 1998 was the last tournament Germany failed to make the semis having been soundly defeated by Croatia.

The problem for USA was clearly the same as Algeria’s, namely facial hair on their goalkeeper:


All the quarter final goalkeepers are clean shaven. Sorry guys.

Tim Howard tried to outdo Rais Mbohli on the upside down head look but it all proved pointless. As did the luck of Mohamed, today it was Axel Witsels’s turn to thank the cable operated stadium cam for the result:

axel witsel

Thanks camera

The second round has certainly been a treat with more than ever going to extra time:

fourth official

The fourth official suggesting that the game with continue until there is a draw

Meanwhile Klinsmann has already started training the squad for 2018 by which time this guy will be out of contract:


We’re waiting Mr President

Here in Brazil everyone is looking forward to Friday and the match against Colombia. In Sao Paulo, Vila Madalena is likely to recreate these scenes from the Chile game:

vila madalena

Vila Madalena last Saturday