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Let’s start with another looky likey. This time the incredible six-fingered Mexican goalkeeper whose kit has been modeled on the veteran cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

mickey and the keeper

They’re never seen in the same room together

FIFA estimated that over 3 million tickets would be available for World Cup games and yet they proved ever so tricky to get. Have you ever wondered where all the tickets went? This handy chart produced by FIFA explains how the ticket allocation has been divided.

pie chart

The breakdown of the ticket allocation for the World Cup

So, basically, out of an allocation of 3.3 million, Only just over a million were available through general sale. Out of these, 400,000 were reserved for Brazilians. An additional 364.364 tickets were available to members of the participating member associations. So, for example, 4,000 tickets were made available to the England FA for sale to their England Fans members. 4,000 tickets were also made available for the second round, quarter final and semi final games and 4,900 in the event that England made it as far as either the 3rd/4th play off game or the Final.

The thing is that the fans who are members of these associations buy their tickets up front and only have the money refunded if the team they support fail to progress. this essentially means that thousands of football fans of 32 nations all over the world have had large amounts sitting on their credit card bills since last November while the money has been sitting in FIFA’s bank account earning money for the organisation which allegedly made a US$3.4 billion profit in the last four years. OK, so that’s not really much of a scandal but you probably wouldn’t have read the post if I’d titled it ‘Slightly annoying things about the World Cup’.

Seeing as though I’m a little short of material today, here’s  photo of Brazil at night. Observe how most of the light is situated around Sao Paulo state and the routes to the neighbouring centres of Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Rio.


Brasil at night