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agassi and the chile coach

Separated at birth?

Let’s start with a looky likey. Surely American tennis champ Andre Agassi and Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli share a large number of the same genes. While Agassi is eating strawberries and cream and sipping champagne at Wimbledon, the Chile coach is licking his wounds after narrowly losing to Brazil on penalties.

Who’s have thought that a QPR reserve goalkeeper could make such a difference in a World Cup second round game but the fact Julio Cesar helped Brazil progress will deflect from the criticism many Brazilians are directing towards English referee, Howard Webb for his handling of the game. Having already been denied a penalty claim, Brazilian Hulk was judged by the English ref to have handled the ball on his way to slotting the ball past the Chilean keeper. These photos from the Daily Mail website suggests that Hulk may well have handled the ball.


In response to Chilean claims ahead of the game that Webb would be likely to favour the hosts, a Brazilian Spokesperson was quoted in the Daily Express as saying: “Brazil doesn’t need a referee to win the match” and I guess they’ve proved their point.

Out in town some Brazilian women have been falling over themselves to meet ‘gringos’ and this has not gone unnoticed by Brazilian men who have taken to pretending to be gringos in order to get off with Brazilian women. I witnessed a shockingly poor attempt at this during half time in the England v Costa Rica game. Perhaps if he hadn’t have been wearing his Cruzeiro shirt he would have been more convincing.

Needless to say the nation breathed a collective sigh of relief when Brazil finally made it through to the next round. The party scenes where shocking to say the least:


Festive scenes during the Brazil game

With Colombia the opponents in the next round, today we have Holland v Mexico and Costa Rica v Greece to enjoy. Outside the Minerao Stadium a Brazilian fan had created their own Costa Rica shirt:

money on shirt

In Portuguese, Costa Rica means Rich Back