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Reasons why Algeria v Russia was the best game of the World Cup so far.


1. It was really a contest between two of the world’s greatest prophets Mohamed and the Eastern Orthadox variety of Jesus. Judging by the crowd shots both were called on at various times in the game but, although I’ve heard their both quite keen on footy, obviously Mohamed won the day. Although people are probably going to have a go at me by saying that Muslims and Orthadox Christians essentially pray to the same God in which case, sorry Russia but God prefers Algerians.

2. Controversal laser light display. Every good game needs a controversy and this one was supplied by a muppet in the crowd who decided to shine a laser at the Russian goalkeeper just before he failed to gather a cross before it was headed in for Algeria’s ultimately decisive goal.

3. No-nonsense refereeing. Finally a referee who properly penalises players who refuse to take throw ins from where the ball went out. All we need now are some referees who book players for diving and penalise goalkeepers for holding the ball for more than six seconds.

4. Players who passionately celebrate without developing their brand profile. It was nice to see the genuine elation of the Algerian team after winning. Here’s a celebrity free team really passionate about making it through to the second round while pouting overpaid egotists book an early flight home. excellent.


It really means something to these guys. http://www.nigeriafootball.com/static/news/1403471920452.jpg

5. There is no number 5 but 5 reasons sounds better than four reasons.

Finally has anyone spotted the likeness between ex-England and soon to be ex-Russian coach Fabio Capello and Shooting Stars star Angelos Epithemiou?


capelo and angelos

Separated at birth?