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A bar full of Brazilians enjoying the game

A bar full of Brazilians enjoying the game

So having seen Holland deal with Chile, we went into the centre and got a taxi to see whether we could find a restaurant to watch the game.

The Fan Fest in Belo Horizonte is indoor and so they shut the doors when it’s full. The taxi driver on the way to the hotel had already warned us that unless we were there by about 2pm we wouldn’t get in and seeing as though we were still lounging around our hotel at 2pm we decided to try and watch it in the centre.

We thought the cultural centre of Praca Liberadade might be a good idea but this turned out to be disappointingly devoid of places to eat so we followed the taxi driver’s advice and went to savassi, an area filled with bars and restaurants which had been closed to traffic but it turned out to be so busy that it didn’t feel safe staying there with my six year old daughter so we went around the corner to try and find somewhere quieter.

The only options seemed to be a heaving bar/restaurant with only standing room or a near empty boteco with seats. We gave the boteco a go but that too didn’t feel safe so we opted for the nicer place with standing room only and immediately found seats.


Largely the same people in the same bar enjoying the same game

There was a great atmosphere in the place, large screens and a guitarist who played covers of 80s Brazilian bands at half time and after the game. The deal was r$60 all you can eat and drink a deal for the handful of English there for whom that equated to about £15.

Brazil didn’t disappoint and booked their place against Chile in the next round and we went back to the hotel to prepare for England v Costa Rica tomorrow