The metro interchange was solid with people

Now that the dust is starting to settle from the Brazil v Mexico game and while I build up strength to write about England’s exit, I can probably squeeze in a post to explain how Sao Paulo ground to a halt when everybody left work at 1pm and then tried to get across the city to get home/to a bar/to the fan fest to watch the game.

Not realising everyone would be released from work early and assuming Brazilians would watch the game close to where they worked, I didn’t leave any extra time for my journey but all went fine until I arrived at Consolecao station where I intended to change and the platform was full of people trying to do the same, presumably because it was a route to the Fan Fest.

No matter, I knew a route I could go by bus which was all bus lanes. What could possibly go wrong. After being stuck in a stationary bus for forty minutes I decided to walk. The walk took about an hour but at least I only missed the first five minutes of the game. Many of the people stuck in traffic would not have seen the first half.

itau bike

Only one Itau bike left

Streets were full of people running to get to bars and all the Itau hire bikes (a bit like the barclays hire bikes) were used.

The excitement of getting to the game was more exciting than the game itself.