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Yesterday I received a really interesting phone call from a friend who has been asked by some journalists to put together a team of England supporters who will play in a mini tournament at the ground of the Sao Paulo Sports Club (SPAC) on Thursday morning before the England game. It reminds me of a similar tournament my friend took part in in the Euros in Austria nd I’ll keep you posted on how it transpires. Meanwhile…

panini stickers

Freshly printed Panini stickers

As the world cup bandwagon trundles on the Guardian has published an interesting article about the Sao Paulo Paninni sticker factory which prints 9 million stickers a day although seemingly none of the 42 stickers I need to complete my album.

Dutch newspaper  De Telegraaf says it clocked winger Robben at 37 kilometers per hour (22.9 mph) in his blistering breakaway for his second goal in Salvador on Friday. According to the paper, that broke the previous known speed record of 35.7 kph (21.8 mph) by Arsenal’s Theo Walcott.

The photos of Japanese supporters cleaning the stadium after their game have been doing the rounds as they do after every world cup they go to.


Japanese people clearing up rubbish after the game


Another thing I’ve noticed in Sao Paulo is that many home less people are now sleeping in reasonably expensive tents. If anyone knows anything about this development please let me know.


A homeless person sleeping in quite an expensive tent


And finally, It would be rude to post this edition without reference to the tremendous German 4-0 win over Portugal for no other reason than it’s nice to post a picture of Christiano Ronaldo looking miserable.


Flights to Brazil £500. Tickets to Germany v Portugal £500. The look on Ronaldo’s face Priceless.