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You remember me telling you that when you enter a bar you will be given a comanda that you must not lose at all cost? Well guess what happened to me last night? Having drunk one or two fizzy drinks more than is probably advisable, it came time to leave and I put my hand in my pocket for my comanda. It was gone! It wasn’t on the floor. I checked two other pockets. Not there. Then I thought about the Italian supporter stood behind me. She couldn’t have removed it from my pocket, could she? Being unable to find it I confronted her about it. No, she said, she had not taken it. Meanwhile, my girlfriend was busy trying to resolve the issue with the staff who were very helpful and managed eventually to identify everything we had consumed. I took my wallet out to pay and guess what I found. Displaying uncommon sense after ordering my last beer I had put the comanda in with my wallet where it would be ‘safe’. Needless to say I apologised to the staff, the bemused Italian girl and to my girlfriend and the world continues to turn.


Neymar training today

And  so back to today and Neymar is sporting a new haircut which must challenge the worst world cup haircuts of all time.

Brazilian magazine has published a list of ten projects that were not completed in time for the World Cup, some of which may never be completed.

In the US on HBO, John Oliver presented this brilliant summary of all that is wrong with FIFA:


And just when you thought it had gone away the true significance of the ball thing in the opening ceremony has been discovered:


ball and onion

Now it makes perfect sense. The giant ball in the opening ceremony represents an Outback fried onion











And finally, some footage of what it sounded like in Sao Paulo when Brazil scored their goals: