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Public anouncement: June 12th is going to be a historic date in this country. It’s the first time Valentines Day will be celebrated how a man wants: Football, bbq,. beer and a woman happy cheering by his side. Enjoy, because it’s not going to happen again.

It turns out that in Brazil they don’t celebrate valentines day on February 14th, instead they celebrate Lovers Day on June 12th. So this year, Brazilian men are in heaven because their partners will consent to watching the opening game of the world cup rather than being taken to an expensive restaurant.

Just as well because the restaurants, in Vila Madalena at least, are now jam solid with folks from all over the world who seem to have descended on Sao Paulo in the last 48 hours. I blame all the blogs recommending where to go  and ruining it for those of us that live here. So, listen carefully, the best place to watch the game tomorrow is Bob’s boteco in Jundai at the end of the CPTM line.

It’s difficult to tell whether there are lots of visitors in Sao Paulo or not because the metros are always choca block and the roads always busy. At least the metro strike has ended, the strikers had lost so much public sympathy I don’t think they could continue any longer.

Britto's Neymar

Romero Britto’s painting of Neymar

World famous Brazilian artist Romero Britto has taken time out from painting famous people like the Queen and has painted the queen of Brazilian football, Neymar in a piece presented to the selecao striker in Sao Paulo this morning. This act of kindness has inspired me to create my own representation of Wayne Rooney which I hope to present at a similar ceremony as soon as possible.

Dees's Rooney

My representation of Wayne Rooney which I hope to present at the earliest opportunity

The Brazilian team have been preparing themselves for the Sao Paulo climate by taking baths in caipirinha. Here’s a photo of Hulk soaking his lemons:


Few people realise how much preparation goes into a real caipirinha

Meanwhile, in the north of the country, locals queue for tickets in the traditional style:

fila na bahia

In Bahia you don’t need to stay in the queue, your flip flops do the hard work for you.

faltam 1 dia

One day left to the start of the 2014 World Cup Finals