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A week last Sunday, popular childrens’ tv presenter, Xuxa, told Brazil’s prime time magazine program, Fantastico, that she had suffered sexual abuse until the age of 13.

Since then, the issue has generated both fierce criticism of the host and statements of support. Now, it seems, the news is also interfering with the number of complaints of violations.









On Wednesday, 23 May, the Human Rights Secretariat of the President’s office said the service which receives complaints of violation of human rights received 285,051 calls on the two days following the show, an increase is 30% over the same period in previous weeks.

The government department which has responsibility for Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents want the presenter to participate in a public hearing to address cases of sexual abuse against minors.

The department says Xuxa will be invited to submit suggestions and contributions to the fight against sexual exploitation of children.

Xuxa is a massive star in Brazil and there is even a childrens’ theme park called Xuxa World. The nearest equivalent in the UK would be if Peppa Pig accused daddy pig of sexual abuse.