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The absence of licence plates was not the only irregularity found on the Ferrari of Thor Batista when it was seized by police on Saturday.

Thor is the twenty year old son of South America’s richest businessman and 8th richest man in the world, Eike Batista, and has a history of misadventure with fast cars.

Thor Batista

On Saturday March 17, Thor was driving his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car in a Rio de Janeiro suburb when he hit and killed a cyclist,  30-year-old labourer, Wanderson Pereira da Silva, who died instantly. Thor passed a breathalyser test at the scene and was not arrested.

The following Monday, Thor signed up to Twitter and began sending tweets proclaiming his innocence. Forbes magazine reported on the Tuesday that he had already posted 63 tweets.

His father’s account was immediately taken over by his corporate team who posted that: “Thor was at the speed limit, did a breathalyzer test and signed a statement describing the accident,” and. “Thor Batista regrets the accident [on Saturday] and reports that he provided aid to the victim, who was crossing the highway.”

The cyclist’s aunt disputes that he was crossing the highway, claiming he would’ve been on the shoulder at that point in his journey. Forbes reported that the state of Wanderson’s body indicates a head-on collision at speed. His heart, his aunt told Brazilian newspapers, was inside Thor’s car. The family’s lawyer Cléber Carvalho Rumbelsperger told the press that the man’s body was torn apart and had to be reconstructed for the burial, which was held on the Sunday.

Thor Batista’s wrecked sportscar. Photo via BrazilDispatch.com.

Now Thor has managed to get himself in more hot water driving a Ferrari with only a rear number plate of Rio de Janeiro, despite the fact that the ownership of the vehicle had been transferred to a Sao Paulo company.

At the time the car was seized the computer system was down for maintenance and the irregularity was only found later. As the irregularity was not spotted at the time of seizure, the vehicle is not subject to fines. The Ferrari remains in a warehouse in Jacarepagua and will need to be removed with a trailer, since it is unregistered.

According to police, Thor was driving the vehicle without a front license plate in Barra da Tijuca, in the photo, smiling at the Mass of the cyclist Wanderson Pereira (terra)